Expand your Business into JAPAC with ease

EMEA companies expanding into JAPAC or setting up their APAC HQ in Singapore face numerous obstacles and legalities.We provide bespoke services to make the process seamless and Fuss-Free.Strategic Business Consulting (SBC) provides Company Incorporation advice, Go-To-Market and HR Strategies to EMEA companies looking to expand into JAPAC.Get expert advice on setting up and registering your company as a legal entity in Singapore and JAPAC.We provide professional advice and recommendations on which EORs, Payroll vendors and Recruitment Agencies are reliable to work with, in Asia Pacific and Japan.We also handle Work Visas applications in Singapore, and do the heavy lifting to ensure legal compliance with local employment law, for your peace of mind.

Interim C-suite Directors

Still looking for your ideal FTE staff locally? Our experienced Consultants can stand-in to perform time-sensitive and high-level duties as your Fractional Directors or VPs, so that your company can operate Business-as-Usual (BAU) remotely and cross-border from anywhere in the world, while you source for local employees for your APAC offices.

Across JAPAC - from Australia and New Zealand, to Asia including China, Korea, Japan and Singapore.
We provide a curated selection of High-Touch and English-speaking EOR / PEO, Payroll vendors, Tax Consultants and Immigration Consultants (even for Japan)

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